Meaning of 'parappu'

III. v. t. spread, extend, expand, lay out; 2. divulge, proclaim, paravac cey; 3. people, furnish with inhabitants, stock with creatures.

kalaip parappikkontu kitantan, he was lying down with his legs distended.
camankal ellam parappik kitak kiyatu, all the things are scattered here and there.

Meaning of பரப்பு

s. expanse, surface, area, விரிவு; 2. a bed, a couch, படுக்கை; 3. ceiling, மேற்பரப்பு; 4. a wooden support of the wall over a door or window, மண் டாங்கி; 5. a land measure for rice land of 12 குழி, நிலப்பரப்பு; 6. sea, ocean, கடல்; 7. multiplicity, variety of forms, மிகுதி.

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