Meaning of 'kancukam'

kancuki, s. a jacket, cattai.

kancukan, kancuki, (lit.) one who wears a jacket, a king's attendant or body guard.

Meaning of கஞ்சுகம்

s. jacket, bodice, சட்டை; 2. a snake's skin, பாம்பின்சட்டை; 3. cloth, புடவை.

கஞ்சுகன், the god Bairava; 2. a bodyguard who wears jackets; 3. king's chief minister, so called because he wore a distinguished jacket.
கஞ்சுகி, the body-guard of a king, wearing a jacket; 2. a snake, பாம்பு; 3. an attendant in the apartments of a woman; 4. a jacket; 5. a curtain.

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