Meaning of 'kanti'

VI. v. t. speak with severity, reprove, rebuke, katintukol; 2. correct, chastise, check, tanti; 3. speak impartially; 4. cut in pieces, tunti; 5. divide, pakir; 6. grow fat, paru, (local use).

kantitam, v. n. strictness, rigor, chastisement, 2. accuracy; 3. fatal accident, a crisis.
kantitakkaran, kantippukkaran, kan tippullavan, a rigorous person, strict man.
kantitampanna, to act rigorously to chastise.
kattittal, v. n. the act of reproving.
kantittukketka, to ask strictly insisting upon a positive answer.
kantittuccolla, kantippakac colla, to speak plainly and pointedly.
kantippu, v. n. rigour, strictness; 2. materiality.
kantippulla cariram, the visible material body.
kararkantitamay, very strictly imperatively, decisively.
akantalan (kantippatil vallavan), Indra.

Meaning of கண்டி

s. Kandy, the ancient capital of Ceylon, இலங்காபுரி; 2. a species of necklace, கழுத்தணி; 3. a weight of 2 maunds or 5 pounds, கண்டில்; 4. an enclosure for catching fish; 5. buffalo, bull, எருமைக்கடா; 6. flock, herd, மந்தை.

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