Meaning of 'talar'

talaru, II. v. i. grow slack, relax, be remiss, kattaviz; 2. grow weary, weak, palavinappatu; 3. grow wrinkled or flabby by old age, viruttappiyap patu; 4. droop, languish, cor; 5. suffer in mind, be troubled at heart, manantalar.

talarappicaintutta, to feed a child with thin food (made thin by mashing with the fingers.)
talaravita, to forsake, to unloose.
talaratatu, that which is fast, immovable.
talaramal cappitu, eat plentifully.
talarutai, loose dress.
talarnatai, infirm walk (as of an old or feeble person).
talarntavayatu, --kalam, decrepit old age, infirm age.
talarntukotukka, to yield.
talarpatam, a lesson well learnt.
talarvu, v. n. staggering, weakness, relaxing.
manantalartal, being grieved or vexed in mind.

Meaning of தளர்

s. slackening, தளர்ச்சி.

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