Meaning of 'nokku'

III. v. t. look at, look on, look toward, par; 2. intend, karutu; 3. keep, protect, iratci; 4. countenance, katatci.

ennai nokkippar, look at me.
nokkuvittai, juggling, legerdemain.
nokkuvittaikkaran, a juggler.

Meaning of நக்கு

III. v. t. lick, lap.

நக்கல், நக்குதல், v. n. licking.
நக்கு, v. n. a lick, lap, lapping.
நக்கி, நக்குணி, a licker, a mean skulker for food.
பலவீடு நக்கி, one who eats in any one's house.
நக்கிக்கொண்டு திரிய, to sneak about in quest of food, to sponge, to hang on.
நக்கிப்போட, to lick off.

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