Meaning of 'no'

irreg. v. i. (nokiyatu, nontatu, novum, inf. noka or nova) ache, smart, feel pain, vetanaippatu; 2. be grieved, tukkappatu; 3. be reduced, grow poor; v. t. grumble at, complain of, nontupecu.

enakku nokiyatu, I am pained.
kalai nokiyatu, my foot aches or suffers pain.
oruvanai nontukolla, to complain of one.
nontazukippoka, to rot.
nontirukka, to be poor or reduced in circumstances, to be spoiled.
nontupoka, to grow too soft, to begin to rot as a fruit; 2. (fig.) to be reduced in circumstances.
nontupona coyu, rice overboiled or damaged.
nokappanna, to give pain, to afflict, noyunoyu , VI. v. i. be brittle, fragile, crispy (as biscuit).
noyunoyenal, v. n. being crispy.

Meaning of நோ

s. pain, வேதனை; 2. sickness, வியாதி; 3. remorse, contrition; 4. weakness, decay, பலவீனம்; 5. injury as a bruise in the body or in a tree, a fruit etc., சிதைவு.

நோக்காடு, pain, sickness, pangs of child birth; (fig.) poverty.
நோக்காடுண்டாக, to smart, to pain as a wound; 2. to come on as labour-pains.
நோவுண்டாக, --எழும்ப, --க்காண, -- க்கொள்ள, to ache, to pain; 2. to come on as labour-pains.

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