Meaning of 'anai'

yanai, an elephant.

anaikattuntayi, --yanaitayi, a post to tie an elephant.
anaikkanyu --kkutti, a young elephant.
anaikkal, elephantiasis, big leg; 2. a big tube for rain water.
anaikkompu, ivory, elephant's tusks; 2. black grain of rice, cock-spur.
anaiccalai, --kkutam, an elephant's stall.
anaittantam, ivory, anaikkompu.
anaittippili, a large kind of long pepper.
anaittumpikkai, --ttutikkai, an elephant's trunk.
anaittotti, --angkucam, an elephant's hook or goad.
anaineruncil, a prickly plant.
anaippattam, a plate tied to the elephant's fore head for covering his eyes.
anaippakan, --mavuttan --kkaran, a man that tames or guides the elephant, the owner or driver of an elephant.
anaimancal, a large kind of Indian saffron.
anaimatam, rut of an elephant.
anaimattakam, an elephant's skull.
anaimalai, a mountain near Madura.
anaimin, a very large fish.
anaimukan, Ganesa, the first son of Siva (having the face of an elephant).
anaiyati, the foot step of an elephant.
anaiyilatti, elephant's dung.
anaiyeyyam, riding on an elephant.
pattattanai, the king's elephants. anaivarum pinne maniyocai varum munne (Proverb) Coming events cast their shadows before.

Meaning of அனை

s. (அன்னை) mother; 2. a kind of fresh water fish.

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