Meaning of 'mayi'

VI. v. t. stop, detain, arrest, tatu; 2. turn about, tiruppu; 3. watch, kaval pannu; 4. turn upside down.

matukalaimayikka, to watch a herd of cattle in order to prevent them from going astray.
mayittuvaikka, to keep in fold.
mayipata, to be stopped on the way, to be hindered.
mayippu, v. n. see mayiyal.

Meaning of மறி

II. v. i. be stopped, checked, தடை படு; 2. recede, திரும்பு; 3. roll (as waves) மடங்கு.

மறியல், மறிப்பு, v. n. arrest, attachment; 2. prison.
மறியலில், (மறிப்பு) வைக்க, to arrest.

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