Meaning of 'anai'

s. oath, cattiyam; 2. conjuration, obstructing. by oath. kattu; 3. vow, capatam; 4. conquest, veyyi; 5. exercise of supreme power. 6. truth, mey; 7. rules and usages established by the learned of old, marapu.

anaiyita, to swear, to swear profanely.
cuvamiyin peril, (mel) anaiyita, to swear by God.
civanaikkontu anaiyita, to swear by one's life.
anaivita, to release from an oath.
appanai (appu+anai,) by (my) father.
un appanai pokate, I conjure you by your father not to go.
kannanai, by (my) eyes.
anai celutta, to sway the sceptre, to reign.
anaiccakkiram, sceptre.
anaivazi niyka, to be loyal, to abide by the rules and usages set up.

Meaning of அணை

s. a dam, dike, செய்கரை; 2. bed, couch, மெத்தை; 3. raised seat, ஆசனம் as in அரியணை (throne).

அணைகோல, -போட, -கட்ட, to cast up a dike.
வெள்ளம் வருமுன்னே அணைபோடு, cast up the dam before the flood comes.
அணையை வெட்டிவிட, to cut a dike.
தலையணை, பஞ்சணை, a pillow.
முன்னணை, a crib, manger.
அணைக்கட்டு, anicut, dam.

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