Meaning of 'an'

s. a male; 2. manliness, manhood anmai; 3. a warrior; 4. superiority menmai.

anayp piyantavan, a male, a man.
ankuyi, sign of a male.
anpanai, the male palmyra.
anpatu, man's work.
anpal, the masculine gender.
anpillai, a male child; a person of the male sex in general.
anpillai cingkam, a bold, heroic person.
anmakan, a son; an eminent man, a husband.
anmari, a masculine woman; an Amazon.
anman, a male deer; stag.
anmai, anmaittanam, an takaimai, manliness.
anvazi, family descent in the male line, any peculiarity in the male line.

Meaning of அண்

s. a running or sliding knot, உருவு கயிறு; 2. upper part, மேல்.

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