Meaning of 'keti'

s. great fame, a glorious name, kirtti; 2. terror, cruelty, fright, payam; 3. authority, atikaram; 4. a hill fort, turukkam; 5. a village, ur; 6. jurisdiction, province, atikaran cellumitam.

ketikalangka, to be terribly alarmed.
ketistalam, seat of government, chief station, head-quarters; 2. a notorious place.
ketipanna, to scare, frighten, terrify.
ketiyatipata, to be famed, dreaded.
ketiyayirukka, to be frightful, cruel, terrible.
atirakketiyan, a bold undaunted hero.
maranakketi, dread of death.

Meaning of கெடி

s. (Hind.) stage for relays while travelling -கடி (as in கெடிவண்டி, a transit cart.)

கெடிமாடு, bullocks stationed as relays in a journey.

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