Tamil Meaning of 'Aristology'

உணவுக்கலை ( அ ) அடிசிலியல்

Tamil Subject Dictionary - Branches of Science (Pages: 21)

Anthropology (Human beings and their way of life) Aphnology
Apiology Arachnology
Arachnology (Spiders) Archaeology
Archaeology (Human Antiquities) Archelogy
Archology Arctophily
Areology Aretaics
Aristology Arthrology
Astacology Astheniology
Astrogeology Astrology
Astrology (The influence of planets on life) Astrometeorology
Astronomy Astrophysics
Astroseismology Atmology
Audiology Audiology (Hearing)
Autecology Autology
Auxology Avionics