Tamil Meaning of 'Ctetology'

கைப்பற்றி பண்புகள் ( அ ) சுதந்தரம் பற்றிய ஆய்வு 

Tamil Subject Dictionary - Branches of Science (Pages: 21)

Cetology (A study of Whales) Chalcography
Chaology Characterology
Chemistry Chirocosmetics
Chirography Chirology
Chiropody Chorology
Chrematistics Chronobiology
Chrysology Ciselure
Climatology Clinology
Codicology Coleopterology
Cometology Conchology
Coprology Coprology (A study of Pornography)
Cosmetology Cosmology
Craniology Criminology
Cryobiology Cryptology
Cryptozoology Ctetology